Education is the key to a socio-economic development. Access to quality education however remains a far-fetched dream for most girls in Rumphi. In most Malawian areas, especially in Rumphi district, girls drop out of school because their respective families fail to pay school fees and meet the costs of their education. Girls from financially crippled families are becoming easy targets for arranged early marriages as their families fail to shoulder the burden of paying school fees and other costs.

To improve the future chances of girls from poor families LICO wants to support the neediest secondary school going girls with school fees, notebooks and school uniform every year. Additionally they will also be supported with sanitary pads and provided with vocational skills to girls and introduce an entrepreneurship training. Furthermore LICO wants to provide start-up capital so that girls can be able to economically stand on their own, but to reach this goal and to gain all financial needs LICO and the girls depend on your help.

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By supporting Tesha and other 29 girls to complete their education, girls will be able to break out of the vicious cycle that entraps unskilled and resource-poor girls. At-risk girls will become emancipated women when given the chance to be well-educated, and develop into citizens who are gainfully employed and self-sufficient.

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