Climate Change is battled through the briquette making project. It is implemented by LICO and has a lot of benefits for the community:


1.    Enviromental benefits

malawi-enviroment-mvo1Briquettes ready to be used.Rumphi district is one of the districts which have been affected with deforestation which have contributed to climate change, people have been cutting trees for firewood (main cause), construction and farming of tobacco. Therefore introduction of the briquette in the community has enabled people to use the briquette as source of firewood hence reduction in use of trees. Any time a person uses a briquette means a tree has been saved. The wastes to make briquettes are corrected in the streets and shops within Bolero trading centre which in turn makes the city clean. Briquettes making mean less rubbish and waste in the streets and in dumps


2.    Economical benefits

Briquette making is an income generation activity, for it has created employment for women. The project is run by a group of 10 women who make and sale the briquettes. On average they make 200 briquettes per day and they work for 20 days in a month which means 4000 briquettes are made to be sold. Through profits these women will be able to send their children to school as well as feed the family.


3.    Households benefits

The project has helped the women in bolero to have time to do other housework instead of spending 3 hours per day fetching firewood which is sourced very far from the community. At the same time briquettes are cheap compared to firewood because women say they are able to cook nsima and vegetables using 4 briquettes which is very cheap and saves money for to use on other household chores.


4.    Stoves benefits

malawi-enviroment-mvo4Briquettes ready to be used or sold.The making of energy saving stoves is having its own benefits to the community. The old three stone cooking system uses a lot of firewood and with the introduction of the stoves women are spending less time to cook and use little firewood because they retain heat.


5.    The project is unique in northern region of Malawi and we have a demand from other Organizations who want to come and learn from My Village Organization since the High Commissioner launched because people saw on Television Malawi.

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